Chairman's Desk

Chairman's Desk


Sahara Advanced World School, Purnea, always remains firmly committed to venture beyond excellence. We have Internationalism as a practicing culture to enable the youth to emerge as confident global citizens and contribute worthily thereby enriching the world. Our goal is to provide our diverse student body with exceptional education, instilling love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals.

We trust that education is not mere accumulation of facts but it is preparation for life itself. Education is knowledge indeed with wisdom and ethics. We promote developing the personality of the students, molds their character and develops mental skills to help them cope with problems and challenges of the complex world of today. Beyond imparting bookish knowledge, we aim to inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, humility, courage, integrity and reliability in a student.

The team Sahara is committed to achieve the goals the school.

Dr. Md. Shafique Alam